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You’re busy. We get it. Which is why we’ve developed Property Alerts; a system which finds properties for you while you work, play and sleep!

Simply register using your email address, fill in the search criteria and wait for your dream property to be located for you.

Why join our team?

Stockdale & Leggo means real estate.

“Our industry doesn’t stop still for a second. It’s fast; it’s competitive. Stand still and the next go-getter will come along and TAKE you out of the picture. We’re proactive, we’re excited, we’re moving with the times. ARE YOU?”

CEO, Peter Thomas, Stockdale & Leggo

Is it time to take a sharp, but smart and supported, detour? We are looking for successful franchisees and top performers to head up key areas on the Stockdale & Leggo map. We offer:

  • - The best, most well known brand in the business
  • - We transition you into a real estate entrepreneur
  • - Unequaled support from beginning to end. We’ve got your back
  • - Recruitment strategies to attract high performers
  • - Marketing innovation which gets cut through
  • - Unparalleled training so you are continuously learning
  • - You are more than a number. We care about you

If you’ve got the drive, the get-up-and-go to reach the pinnacle, we’ve got the power, the technology capabilities, and the business and industry know-how to get you there.

Ultimately, we work for you.

To learn more about becoming a Stockdale & Leggo Franchisee, register your interest now and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. If you’d prefer to have a confidential discussion with one of our Franchisee Managers, register your interest now and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. 


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