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“Our people are our brand, and our brand belongs to them.”

Charlotte Pascoe – Stockdale & Leggo, CEO/ Director

Is it time to take a sharp, but smart and supported, detour? We are looking for successful franchisees and top performers to head up key areas on the Stockdale & Leggo map. We offer:

  • The best, most well known brand in the business
  • We transition you into a real estate entrepreneur
  • Unequaled support from beginning to end. We’ve got your back
  • Recruitment strategies to attract high performers
  • Marketing innovation which gets cut through
  • Unparalleled training so you are continuously learning
  • You are more than a number

We care about you If you’ve got the drive, the get-up-and-go to reach the pinnacle, we’ve got the power, the technology capabilities, and the business and industry know-how to get you there.

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When a new client walks into an agency, you have just a few seconds to win their trust. @charlottepascoe.stockdaleleggo Cheif Executive of Stockdale & Leggo, has perfected the power of words.

Speaking at Stockdale & Leggo’s recent brand conference, Ms. Pascoe shared her insights on effective communication.

“Words, when said and articulated in the right way, can change someone’s mindset,” Ms Pascoe stated. “They can alter someone’s belief.”

She stressed the importance of language when meeting a prospective client for the first time.

“In that first conversation, you have the ability to bring them confidence, trust, and excitement, or you can leave them hanging and wondering if you can actually do the job,” Ms Pascoe said. “You can talk someone from a position of anger to a solution – with just your words.”

Effective communication also plays a vital role within the office.

“You can build up your teammates, work together, give confidence, and bring joy to their day by the way you speak to them – or you can pull them down and destroy their mindset,” the CEO warned.

Ms. Pascoe also highlighted the importance of a strong, coherent personal vision for success.

“To be truly successful, you need to be clear on what success looks like for you – both professionally and personally,” she said. “You need to know what you are working towards and your why. Why are you here? Why real estate? What do you love about it? And what do you want your life to look like in one year, five years, and beyond?”

Bringing this vision to fruition takes commitment, self-discipline, and courage to try something new.

“You simply must try new things and step outside your comfort zone,” Ms Pascoe advised. “There will be work involved to learn, improve, implement, and see success.”

While significant changes can feel overwhelming, Ms Pascoe highlighted the value of incremental day-by-day improvements.

“Think about what you can do to improve just 1 per cent every day,” Ms Pascoe suggested. “The opportunity is limitless.”