We see more than just a rental property

We see a property that has taken you years to finally be able to buy.

We see you leasing your family home while you move interstate or overseas, and your greatest concern is coming back to a nightmare!

We see the seasoned investor through to the first-time investor – and the importance to understand the difference.

We see the importance of the relationship, the trust, and the updates over the years, and we also see the challenge of knowing to whom you should entrust this asset.

We see that the management of your property can help increase the value of your property while decreasing the stress in your life – and we are honoured to have the opportunity to help you through it all.

How we can help you have a stress-free investment experience

We see and understand that choosing the right team to manage your property is imperative to your comfort in the journey, and we understand that it can be extremely difficult to know who the best person is for the job!

We know you need someone who communicates in the way that you want, someone who takes initiative, who goes above and beyond to ensure your property is maintained, rent is paid, and you are provided with the solution for any problem that may arise.

With a strong focus on property management across our network, Stockdale & Leggo run an in-house accreditation program for its many highly competent Property Managers. The accreditation criteria focus on the continual professional development of our Property Managers to ensure you are working with the best in the business.

We see that the process may be something you have been through before, or it may be your first time. Here are the key areas that your property manager will.

Expert Property Management Advice

Our Property Managers are experts in their field and are on hand to provide advice on the trends of the rental market, and your investment strategy and answer any other queries you may have. We assist you in making the best choice to grow your investment.

Consistent and Transparent Communication

We will check in with you regularly to keep you abreast of any developments or simply to reassure you that all is going well. We are happy to adapt our frequency to your needs and can be in touch as regularly as you require or only as a need arises. Your wish is our command.


In order to help your next renter find your property, we need to make it visible and desirable. We recommend each owner opt to have professional photography and a floorplan, as this does increase the interest from potential renters.

Quality Renter Selection

Our licensed and accredited Property Managers ensure every renter who applies for your property undergoes a rigorous screening process. This ensures you can make a considered decision about whether they are right for you and your property, or whether you want the search to continue. Once we have high-quality renters in your property, we go above and beyond to keep them there.

Regular Inspections

Our capable Property Managers will undertake regular inspections of your property, ensuring that it is well cared for while also maintaining regular contact with your tenants to ensure they are happy. All inspections are in accordance with legislative constraints and a detailed report is provided following each inspection.

Property Maintenance

We respond promptly to all repairs and maintenance requests raised by our renters and only work with fully licensed and insured tradespeople who are thoroughly screened before being appointed to perform any work.


FAQsNeed Help?

  • What is a Bond?

    Depending on how much rent you pay, your residential rental provider (landlord) or agent can ask that you pay a bond. The maximum bond is 1 month’s rent (unless the rent is more than $900 per week). In some cases, the rental provider may ask the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to increase this limit. If you pay a bond, it must be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) within 10 business days of receiving the bond. The RTBA will then send you a receipt.

  • What’s a Condition Report?

    Complete and return when collecting the keys to your new home, your property manager will provide a detailed condition report outlining the condition of the property. It is your responsibility to go through this condition report thoroughly and make any notes in the tenant section and return this to our office within three business days. By taking the time and completing your part of this process, you will avoid discrepancies and disagreements at the end of the tenancy allowing us to finalise your tenancy quickly. Please note, a condition report is not a request for maintenance. Maintenance will need to be reported separately. If you do not return the condition report to our office within three business days, we will place the office copy on file, and this will be used at the end of the tenancy to finalise your tenancy.

  • What is Urgent Maintenance?

    Urgent repairs can be phoned through to us, we can action them quickly, avoid further damage, and ensure you are safe and secure in your home. 

    You are not required to report urgent repairs to us in writing, however we encourage a paper trail for our files, and as such request an email with photographs or videos outlining the issue. Under the residential tenancies act, the following items are considered urgent and require action within 24 hours:

    • Burst water service 
    • Blocked or broken toilet system 
    • Serious roof leak 
    • Gas leak 
    • Dangerous electrical faults 
    • Flooding or serious flood damage 
    • Serious storm or fire damage 
    • Failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by the landlord or agent for water (tap or hot), cooking, heating or laundering. 
    • Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply. 
    • Any fault or damage in the premises that makes it unsafe or insecure 
    • Any appliance, fitting or fixture that is causing a substantial amount of water to be wasted. 
    • A serious fault in a lift or staircase. Should any of the above occur outside of office hours, please refer to the After Hours Emergency Contact list included as part of this kit. 
    • In using the tradespeople we include as part of this kit, you will avoid paying any invoices on the spot, as the tradesperson will forward the invoice to the office for the appropriate payment. 
    • If you are reporting a water or gas leak, it is imperative to turn the water or gas off at the mains until the tradesperson arrives. 
    • Leaking toilets can be slowed down by turning the tap on the wall near the toilet off.

  • What’s Renters’ Insurance? 

    Protect yourself and your belongings Your owner will have their own building insurance, however as this will not cover your personal belongings or furnishings inside the house, we strongly recommend you take out a contents insurance policy to cover these items. Your Residential Rental Provider is not liable for any belongings should they be damaged or stolen whilst at the property

  • What’s a Lease Renewal?

    Towards the end of the tenancy, your Property Manager will be in contact to discuss your intentions for when the lease ends. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, you are not required to sign a further fixed term lease agreement, however if the owner agrees, it will lock you in for a set period of time where no rent increases or notices to vacate can be issued providing the security to feel settled in your home

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