Why Stockdale & Leggo


Job Definition: a paid position of regular employment.

Career: a job which creates opportunities for progress, a long-term endeavour that you work towards each day.

Whether you are working towards a career in Property Management, Sales or Business Administration, we are here to nurture, train, develop and help you turn your job into a career.

“Our people are our brand, and our brand belongs to them”
Charlotte Pascoe – Stockdale & Leggo CEO


An exciting role where the sky is the limit!

Can start your career and we will help you develop into the Salesperson you dream of working with a team of experts who are all keen and able to help you develop and grow.

Take you on a journey from building your database, best practice, building relationships, finding opportunities and listing, selling, negotiating, and selling homes!



A motivating role where you build long-term relationships with owners and renters alike

You will be supported and valued by your office and the wider network.

If you enjoy dealing with people, problem solving and are highly organised, then a job in property management could be your calling. With comprehensive training, support and the opportunity for career growth.


A crucial role where you are the backbone of an office

From being the first point of contact for clients to keeping the business running.

With a role of structure and organisation, you will enjoy working in an exciting office where every day is different!

Providing solutions, identifying possible improvements, and supporting the team as they support you!

Why Choose Us

Stockdale and Leggo are built upon two pillars: respect and integrity

It is at the core of everything we do. It determines how we conduct our business and work with clients, customers, key stakeholders, and our team.

Charlotte, Stockdale says, “Our corporate structure is bottom up. Every decision I make is driven by improving outcomes for our teams, including a healthier work-life balance. We are a family-focused business, and that extends to our staff. We want to help them to grow through good leadership and encouragement, so they are engaged and moving forward with us.”

Stockdale & Leggo provides:

  • A well-known brand and household name, with a long history of success
  • Personalised Training and Development
  • Innovative Technology
  • Great team culture
  • Competitive pay & remuneration
  • Strong community involvement

Start your career today!

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Our industry doesn’t stop still for a second. It’s fast; it’s competitive. Stand still and the next go-getter will come along and TAKE you out of the picture. We’re proactive, we’re excited, we’re moving with the times. ARE YOU?

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