As our people grow, so too does our business

We provide unparalleled training from the outset to ensure you have every tool conceivable to succeed. Constantly upskilling, learning and focusing on how we can better serve our clients is what positions us as a leader in the industry. As such, we not only provide a range of comprehensive and relevant courses, we support you in implementing the theory you’ve learned into practice.

Our Stockdale & Leggo in-house training team delivers personalised training for offices and zones, providing access to online training resources such as ‘how to’ videos and tips and tricks alongside extensive business coaching which teaches you how to run and build your business, manage day to day operations, implement succession plans and follow effective sales strategies to take you from writing $250k/year to $2M+/year.

Our people stay with us because we offer more, do it in a more personalised way, and stay ahead of the game. We succeed because your success is our business. 

"The training is excellent. It’s great for my team, the program’s offered are very diverse and they meet the mark. The marketing campaigns which are rolled out are always young, fresh and dynamic. The brand is well thought of in the industry and is known for its longevity, credibility and trustworthiness."

Mark Brown | Franchisee | Stockdale & Leggo Ringwood