Introducing Hugh Trieu

Stockdale & Leggo’s New Performance Manager

A new network performance manager is set to refresh Stockdale & Leggo’s training strategy.

Stockdale & Leggo has appointed Hugh Trieu to the role, and it’s under his leadership that we will roll out a high-performance training program aimed at getting great results in an increasingly tough property market.

A licensed agent and auctioneer, Mr Trieu brings more than 23 years of experience to the position alongside an attitude towards training that focuses on mindset more than anything.

“[Training] should provide agents with knowledge, but more importantly, it should instil confidence in them – showing that they can succeed if they choose to apply what they’ve learned,” he said.

Mr Trieu will be running the Stockdale & Leggo’s training program across the country, as well as offering a personalised approach that aims to bring out the best in the network’s agents.

Network’s director and CEO, Charlotte Pascoe, said that through this training, agents will “be able to get one-on-one mentoring and coaching through top performers to help them improve their skills efficiently and effectively”.

She said that in adding Mr Trieu to the team, the company is looking to introduce “innovative solutions” to the current market dynamics, with a release from the network describing him as a “secret weapon” in their new strategy going forward.

“His deep understanding of our client’s and customer’s needs – along with his extensive background in real estate – means that he is well-equipped to train our agents and better enhance our services,” Ms Pascoe said.

From Mr Trieu’s perspective, it all comes down to reminding agents why they’re in this field in the first place.

“Real estate is all about people; it always has been. Helping agents to truly understand customer’s specific needs and then offering solid guidance based on proven experience is my top priority in these training sessions,” Mr Trieu said.

“Ultimately, clients and customers want someone who will understand, listen and confidently guide them along a path that will help them achieve the best outcomes,” he added.

Going forward, he shared that he’ll be focusing on three action items that agents can implement to enhance their customer service.

  1. Act quickly – don’t overcomplicate it, just go for it because real transformation in real estate happens when plans are put into action.
  2. Stay open minded – because what brought you here won’t necessarily take you further. Real estate can be overwhelming without embracing change.
  3. Be genuine – people want to deal with someone real, not just another agent.

“Every agent needs to realise that training is a continuous effort, not a one-time thing,” Mr Trieu said.

“In real estate, you’re either just interested or fully committed. Commitment means giving your all to achieve the best results for property owners.”

Article featured in Real Estate Business an online magazine for the real estate industry.

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