About Me

Angela in 3 Words: Loyal, hardworking and a fighter

Angela’s Role

Commencing her real estate career in 2002, Angela Feterika is the highly experienced and business savvy, Business Development Manager who is responsible for overseeing the growth of the Stockdale & Leggo Werribee team bringing in new business to her team of skilled property managers, ensuring they are proving an exemplary level of service to their tenants and landlords. Angela is creative by nature and enjoys thinking outside the square when tackling problems. She brings a level of maturity, confidence and personalised service to the team, giving landlord’s peace of mind that their property is in the most capable of hands.

What She Brings

Together, with the support of the well-known and highly thought of Stockdale & Leggo group, Angela uses advanced communication systems and techniques to ensure vacancy times and any potential arrears are minimised and that tenants are thoroughly vetted from the outset via a robust tenant selection process. Key to Angela’s success in her role is that she loves helping people and will never give up where they are concerned. She is a determined individual and always stays true to her word, following through with any commitments. Honest, open communication also underpins the positive working relationships Angela fosters with both her team and clients.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys spending time with her family and singing.