About Me

Faisal in 3 Words: Punctual, confident, ambitious

Faisal’s Role:

Faisal has worked in the industry for two years now, thoroughly enjoying every moment and further developing his passion for real estate, as well as meeting new people. Faisal’s excellent communication skills allow him to establish good connections with his clients based on trust and honesty.

What He Brings:

A long-time local, Faisal has a thorough knowledge of the area, using his personal experience to assist his clients. The key to Faisal’s success is to accept failures and to learn from mistakes. With a great ability to multitask, Faisal pays excellent attention to detail, ensuring that all his work is to an exceptional standard. A strong public speaker, Faisal is a born problem-solver with self-confidence and takes pride in his work.

In his spare time, Faisal enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and playing cricket, as well as attending local community programs.