About Me

Phil in 3 words: Proud, caring, dedicated

Phil’s Role:

Hardworking and diligent, Phil is an important part of the team at Stockdale & Leggo Warrnambool. Phil sees his role as knowing and understanding his buyers needs to assist in creating the best results for his clients. He is highly driven to achieve the highest possible price at all times and likes to push the limits, refusing to ever settle for second best. Passionate and genuinely enthusiastic about his role, Phil enjoys every aspect of his role from listing to selling.

What He Brings:

Phil’s love for his role and the industry is contagious. He prides himself on his refusal to accept anything but the best for his clients and believes this attitude has serviced him well in a promising career to date. Offering total support for the vendor, Phil also realises the importance of working his buyers to assist in the best results for all clients.

Phil looks back on his career fondly, however, is as equally proud of every sale and looking forward to helping many more clients in the future.