We Value You

When was the last time you had your home valued? You obviously know how much you paid for your home and that the market might have moved slightly since the purchase, however do you really know how much your home is worth?

Stockdale & Leggo understand the importance of an accurate valuation especially if renovations or improvements have been made to your home since purchase. So much so, they have built a team of Certified Practising Valuers, headed by Australia’s leading valuer, Phil Murray, who can assist in the below (and more) areas:

  • Report on the market value of your property
  • Security of a Loan
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Mortgage and Refinancing
  • Matrimonial and Family Property disputes
  • Compensation for Compulsory Acquisition
  • Estate, Probate and Stamp Duty
  • Buyers Advocate
  • Asset Valuations
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Valuations

With over 30 years experience with the Valuer’s General Office, Phil knows his stuff and he and his team are able to assist with conducting valuations of land, buildings and improvements in a professional and accurate manner. A valuation from Stockdale & Leggo is a legally recognised document for accounting, financial and government purposes.

Contact Phil and the Valuing team at Stockdale & Leggo today to get your property valued.