About Me

Kia in 3 words: Creative, Driven, Consistent

Kia’s Role

Kia Rogers has gone from strength to strength since starting her real estate career. A short time in reception saw her quickly promoted to the Property Management Department as an assistant and, excelling in that role, she was then given full management responsibilities with a substantial property portfolio to look after. Her quick progression is testament to her astute skills and natural aptitude for property management and the industry as a whole. 

In an ongoing commitment to professional development and providing landlords with the most comprehensive, informed service possible, Kia is extremely well trained. She in the final stages of becoming a fully Licensed Estate Agent, while undertaking ongoing advanced training in property management, administrative and VCAT procedures.

Kia’s role sees her carefully monitoring the day to day management of properties, including incoming and final inspections. She also handles regular routine inspections in order to ensure properties are being well looked after. Kia also guarantees that the advertising of properties is both compelling and prompt to help minimise vacancy times and maximise investors profits.

What She Brings

Kia maintains excellent working relationships and frequent contact with clients. Her aim is to consistently inform them of management matters and stay up to date with their investment goals.

“Landlords need to know their investment property is being handled in the most professional manner, and that they have all of the support, information and advice they need to minimise risk and maximise returns.”

In her spare time, Kia enjoys travelling, road trips and spontaneous adventures. She also possesses a creative flair that, while handy when dealing with people from all walks of life at work, also sees her creating interesting alternative artworks in her spare time. Kia also enjoys writing music.

My Awards