About Me

Aldo in 3 words: Professional, Passionate, Respected

Aldo's Role

Aldo Verga is an accomplished Real Estate Agent who prides himself with being a highly qualified sales professional possessing unsurpassed knowledge and experience.

Aldo has lived in the City of Darebin since the day he was born and grew up in Fairfield and later on lived in Reservoir for a number of years. Being of Italian descent and born into a family that is well respected and known in the Italian community, Aldo is proud of his background.

In 2004, Aldo joined Stockdale & Leggo Reservoir and began a long and successful career in Real Estate. A Licensed Real Estate Agent and accredited Auctioneer, Aldo takes great pride in delivering an unsurpassed level of professionalism and integrity to each and every sale he makes.

What He Brings

Aldo is extremely passionate about his job and enjoys the opportunity to impart his knowledge onto all those he comes in contact with.

"Real Estate is a topic of conversation at every dinner party. This is due to the fact that most people have a vested interest in the property market's performance. I enjoy imparting the knowledge I have gained through years of experience and training, not only to the buyers and sellers, with whom I have established business relationships, but also to family and friends. I'm happy to be able to assist people in making the best possible property decisions to suit their individual requirements and lifestyle".

Aldo and his family look forward to enjoying their summers down at the Mornington Peninsula. One day he plans to retire there. He is married to Josie and they have two beautiful daughters, Vita and Samantha.