Click & Bid

We know that selling your biggest asset is one of the most daunting tasks you will ever experience. The process usually follows as so, you meet with agent after agent and then you need to choose – auction or private sale – before you know how much interest there is in your house. It’s all based on guesswork. Then you’re locked in, with no option to adjust your strategy as interest in your property becomes known.

But not anymore!

With Click & Bid you have flexible options, you can adjust your strategy as interest builds. This flexible approach keeps your options, providing a more dynamic approach to the sale of your house, and removing all the guesswork from the process.

Without Click & Bid, you use a conventional process which sees the real estate agent doing a heap of paperwork over days – and not being able to update you instantly. It’s the longest and most stressful couple of days in your life! You constantly check your phone waiting for an update.

With Click & Bid, you’re always kept in the loop. You can easily and securely see the highest offer on your house whenever you want AND you get notified when any new offer is placed.

The best bit? You can access Click & Bid where ever you are, from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and view the offers as they happen.

You’re playing with a lot of money, why wouldn't you want to maximise your property’s sales potential?

With Click & Bid you have increased sales potential. The offer process is so easy and quick for buyers that they can submit counter offers with the press of a button. They trust the process, because it follows a system similar to eBay and other online auction sites so will submit offers until they’ve genuinely reached their limit, rather than because they lose trust in the estate agent. By keeping your options open and providing a transparent, streamlined process to buyers, you’re more likely to receive the highest price possible for your valuable asset.

With Click & Bid, Sellers win.

  • Sellers can see offers live, on any device
  • Sellers don’t have to wait for updates
  • Sellers experience low risk
  • Sellers maximise the potential for a higher price than could be achieved using more conventional methods
  • Sellers benefit from cutting edge technology
  • Sellers benefit from working with agents that aren’t stuck in the stone age

Click & Bid can be used whether you have one buyer or multiple buyers interested

With Click & Bid, Buyers win.

  • Buyers trust the process, so will continue to advance their offers
  • Buyers can see offers and get notified when their offer is beaten
  • Buyers have more information on where they stand and what’s required to compete

It’s a Win/Win. A rare outcome in the real estate, but a good one!

“[Click & Bid] was a very different experience but one which resulted in a fantastic outcome and we were extremely pleased”

Please note, not all of our offices use the Click & Bid service.