Top Websites to Source Property Data

When thinking about first time investing or adding to your property portfolio, research is key. Jumping head first into such a big financial commitment without doing in depth research can lead to disaster so we’ve compiled some of Australia’s top websites for you to visit regularly on your search.

  • RPData ( is worth registering for their emailed updates because this little gem has the most concise data driven property information going.
  • has some great free property information including a comparative sales report, a property value calculator, market watch for suburbs and an overview of trends alongside handy buying and selling tips.
  • Residex provides you with a free report which includes information and statistics relevant on your suburb. You simply type in your postcode and the report is generated automatically. The great thing is you don’t even have to provide your email address!
  • is Australia’s largest dedicated property website in terms of searching for properties but it also provides blogs with relevant information along with free sales and demand data.
  • The SQM newsletter is a wonderful source to derive interesting property related statistics such as houses unsold on the market for the most days and where the largest sales price reductions can be found. Subscribe to receive regular updates!
  • The Stockdale & Leggo website also has a range of property calculators, resources, advice and financial information which can help you with making informed decisions. Sign up for Property Alerts where your dream house can be emailed to you while you eat, play and sleep!

We’d love to hear about your favourite websites to source your property data from!