REIV Appoints Amy Blackburn as member of Property Management Committee

It is with great pleasure to announce that the REIV have appointed our very own Group Operations Manager – Amy Blackburn to their Property Management Charter Committee for 2021.

As we transition from a year of COVID-19 hysteria, and look back on a year that was… a rather disruptive and unavoidable one; there are many positive takeaways and learnings that have helped shape the way in which we do, and will continue to do business. From rethinking office flow to virtual meetings, inspections and auctions, to realising the importance of human contact and of course toilet paper.

The world has definitely changed in the past 12 months, and whilst it has taken some of us longer to adapt than others, we now have a Pandemic handbook to hand down as we close this chapter, and look to turn over a New Leaf for 2021.

Every so often a strong, diligent and highly competent worker comes through the ranks. At first, we may not acknowledge or notice the skills they bring to the table; but before too long we invariably are romanced by their understated prowess.

Segway…. Into Amy Blackburn. Amy joined the Stockdale & Leggo team in 2019, and since her inception she has become a formidable team member offering a knowledge base unsurpassed by many in this industry. So, it is no surprise to our brand to see Amy take a seat at the table representing Property Management at the REIV next year.

The REIV sets up Chapters across industry disciplines, special interest groups providing Members with opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals, enabling the REIV to engage with Members on matters of particular relevance to them.

Chapter Committees are made up of Members with active interest and involvement in that area of special interest, and in this case Property Management.

Amy’s role will include but not be limited to:

  1. Raising questions and suggestions that have arisen throughout the year, and to help determine and advise whether the matter should be addressed or raised for discussion at the Members’ Council;
  2. Inform the meeting of the particular opportunities and/or challenges, including practice matters, presenting in their geographic or specialist community;
  3. Raise questions and suggestions as discussed and agreed by their respective appointing body;
  4. Report back to their respective appointing body, and take forward any requests of delegates arising from Members’ Council meetings.

The purpose of the Members’ Council provides a forum for the exchange of information as part of the Institute’s Member engagement strategy, and to support the achievement of the objects as set out in the Constitution and the Mission and Strategic Objectives as determined by the Board at the REIV.

At Stockdale & Leggo we are continuing to serve the needs of our customers, with a focus on ensuring our current Landlords and Renters are well-versed and serviced.

Stockdale & Leggo is here to support you and provide guidance on issues or changes pertaining to Property Management from both a Landlord and Renter advocacy point-of-view. Amy, our Group Operations Manager will be working closely with the REIV and Committee members to ensure there is clarity, and continuity in the understanding of any current or future legislative changes presented and approved throughout the year as part of the REIV’s industry leadership for its many members.

There are around 130 legislative changes taking effect in 2021, so it is with great comfort and appreciation that one of our own is taking the baton, and representing not only the industry but Stockdale & Leggo and our many clients at the REIV round table.

If you have any questions with regards to your property, the changes coming into effect next year, or keen to have a chat, then don’t hesitate to reach to a Stockdale & Leggo office. It is in our best interest to be abreast of industry changes and updates, and we as a brand will endeavour to remain in support of the REIV, and its many members in the real estate industry.