Get Your Home Ready To Sell This Autumn

Selling in Autumn has so many pros, (read our breakdown here) but just like selling in any other season, there is a little bit of work to do to get your property ready to go to market!

Autumn is the season of falling leaves, bright autumnal hues and sometimes, rain. In Melbourne particularly, we see a fair bit of rain! So when getting your home ready for market, it is so important to consider that buyers will be thinking about the wet and wild weather that is on the horizon!

Have the gutters been cleaned recently? Are there any leaks that need attention? Water stains that need a fresh coat of paint? All of these factors will be at the forefront of potential buyers minds as they inspect your property. Being able to confidently state that the property is watertight, recently maintained and ready for oncoming Winter will give you big buyer points.

Speaking of Winter, what can you do to give your property that little bit of extra warmth and comfort? It might be time to update your heating system or add one in all together! These features can make a huge difference in a buyer’s eyes. When considering heating systems, it is also a great idea to consider energy efficiency. This is becoming ever more important in the property market and can make your property stand out amongst the crowd. Buyers often want to save money in the long term, so if you have considered their future electricity and gas bills, once again - big buyer points!

If your garden is looking a little bit neglected, Autumn will only emphasise it! Engaging a landscape designer to tidy things up a little bit will not only add curb appeal, but it will also provide your future buyers with a well-thought out starting point garden! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but landscape designers know which plants thrive in Autumn and will help your property look the best it can be.

The Autumn property market is in full swing, so get in touch with our Stockdale & Leggo agents today to start the process of getting your property on the market and ready to sell!