About Me

Kiara in 3 words: Hardworking, Professional, Diligent

Kiara’s Role

In 2006, Kiara Farrell launched her career in real estate as an Assistant Property Manager. Working within the local market, she quickly developed a love of investment and property management. After a year of hard work, completing her real estate documentation and developing an eye for detail, she was promoted to a Property Management role.

Kiara has been with Stockdale & Leggo for a total of ten years, bringing with her a solid working knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act. This experience allows Kiara to confidently implement the day to day responsibilities of her role.

As a Business Development/Portfolio Manager, Kiara is responsible for listing new properties, all aspects of property management, and the management of her clients’ portfolios. She enjoys being part of a fast-paced Property Management team, one which is consistently aiming higher and runs to the best of its ability to achieve its targets.

What She Brings

After years of working as a portfolio manager, Kiara enjoys working with landlords to ensure that they are 100% happy with the management process and get everything they need out of their property management services.

Kiara is passionate about helping her landlords through the process of listing their properties for the first time, as well as assisting those with existing properties who haven’t been provided with satisfactory service in the past. Kiara uses every resource possible to provide her landlords with best practice property management, making all investments as easy and carefree for her landlords as possible.

Kiara believes the key to her success is the ability to create a harmonious tenancy for both landlord and tenant. She highlights conflict management as one of her greatest strengths.

Outside of work, Kiara enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.