About Me

Amber in 3 words: Determined, personable and approachable

Amber’s Role

Deciding on the right person to sell your most prized possession can be stressful. Amber will make that decision easy. Drawing on her experience from her former role in new house and land sales where she excelled, going above and beyond for her clients to ensure their needs were met through the process. In her current role as Sales Consultant, Amber is responsible for working with both buyers and sellers, listening to their needs and wants before diligently helping them achieve their real estate goals. Amber’s prior extensive experience in the legal industry has provided her with the skills to achieve goals with a thorough and logical approach. Living and working locally has allowed Amber to keep her finger on the pulse with the ever changing real estate market, and her approachable and personable nature makes her easy to relate to.

What She Brings

Amber is knowledgeable and highly skilled in all facets of the real estate sales process. She is down-to-earth and approachable, making all clients feel relaxed and one hundred percent confident in her expertise and professionalism. Amber thoroughly enjoys taking on new challenges and the personal development which is a natural byproduct of this dynamic and fast paced role. She enjoys meeting and working with new people and is committed to delivering a level of service that exceeds their expectations every time. Amber brings with her fresh and enthusiastic ideas and looks forward to working with you to ensure you reach your goals. 

In her spare time Amber enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, going to the movies, cooking and listening to music.