Giving you a competitive edge

The state-of-the-art platform Stockdale & Leggo provides for our franchisees offers an advanced and highly efficient system upon which to build your business. Real estate is a 24/7 business and our systems enable you to access resources and tools easily and around the clock. Ongoing technical support is available and our franchisees benefit immensely from the systems we provide and run more profitable businesses as a result.


 An industry stand-out by far, our website is a powerful communication and business development resource that has the brand working for you worldwide 24/7. A vital information exchange tool for buyers, vendors, tenants, landlords and agents, it also features unique web pages for each franchisee, their office and listings, an impressive array of resources, audio-visual technology for market commentary and much more.

Customer Relationship Management

We have invested in intuitive and efficient CRMs which make staying in touch with clients simple and easy. Once client details have been inputted, the systems require very little further work and will prompt agents when actions are required. The intimate nature of the systems enables our team to stay in touch with their clients with the little touch points that make a difference such as birthdays and sales anniversaries.


Time is money. We save our franchisees both by providing an intranet with all the tools and resources required for our people to run an efficient and profitable business. Resources such as marketing collateral, stationery and training materials can be accessed seamlessly and with minimal effort.

Marketing Portal

This is a unique web-based portal specifically designed for Stockdale & Leggo agents. Through this innovative marketing portal you will be able to access and order pre-designed marketing elements. You have the ability to upload content and our creative agency will revert a proof quickly for changes and approval. Printing can be organised via the portal or the file can be delivered to your chosen printer or distributor.