Our Brand

We are real estate

We are innovative, fast moving and forward thinking. We set the pace and challenge others to keep up. An industry stand-out by far, our cutting edge technology platform has your business working for you worldwide 24/7, which has positioned us at the forefront of the industry where we are the only choice for clients and an unbeatable proposition for new partners.

Our Brand

The reason Stockdale & Leggo enjoys an 80 year history is because we continue to evolve in accordance with the needs of our clients, team and franchisees. We listen, we adapt and we keep our brand modern and fresh. We understand that our people, while enjoying the expertise of a team with an established brand behind them, also need us to respond with agility to the ever changing market. 

Our Structure

Our powerfully built system provides the structure you need to build your business into a thriving and prosperous enterprise. We provide marketing campaigns and templates, razor sharp technology, HR processes, business coaching and cutting edge training amongst other resources; all of which are utilised to support you on your journey to becoming a real estate entrepreneur. 

Our Support

The business has been developed by one of Australia's most successful real estate entrepreneurs, Peter Thomas, who still has a hands on approach to the business. As a result, the support we offer is comprehensive and unparalleled within the real estate industry. We believe in the sharing of information, learning from each other’s mistakes, picking each other up when we’re down and ultimately never allowing another to give up. We support each other through the tough times and celebrate the good times.