How we market your business

Innovation which cuts through the noise and delivers results

Every real estate agent knows branding and marketing are key when attracting clients. Setting yourself apart from the agent down the road can be tough, which is why we’re here to help you leverage our brand and market towards both your success and ours by offering tools which enable you to market your business 24/7.

The Marketing Portal

This is a unique web-based portal specifically designed for Stockdale & Leggo agents. Through this innovative marketing portal you will be able to access and order pre-designed marketing elements. You have the ability to upload content and our creative agency will revert a proof quickly for changes and approval. Printing can be organised via the portal or the file can be delivered to your chosen printer or distributor. 

The Marketing Team

The Marketing team will help you deliver innovative, personalised and fresh campaigns on a regular basis to engage with your database and clients. The comprehensive Marketing Library offers access to marketing templates, marketing suppliers lists and the opportunity to liaise directly with our marketing team for any and all of your marketing requests.

Marketing Campaigns

Together with our external marketing agency, we will help you establish your own identity, unique to the way you do business, which will set you apart from other agents, enabling you to attract the right clientele to help you grow.

Public Relations

We regularly connect with the media to generate publicity campaigns around the great work our franchisees and their teams are doing. We encourage you to tell us about your ‘good news stories’ so that we can share them with our networks to consistently attract new clientele.

Social Media

The rise of the online world is undeniable. Social media is a tool to be leveraged to reach an unlimited number of potential clients. We assist with running on brand, fresh and thought provoking social media campaigns which cut through the noise to reach your target market. We encourage our franchisees to take advantage of our online resources to connect directly with their audience, emotionally engaging with them and demonstrating how they can assist at each touch point.

Internal Communications

We believe in regular and transparent communication through technology and have established an Intranet system called ‘Welcomenet’, which disseminates information to our community regularly, keeping them up to date with all the initiatives implemented at Head Office to assist our partners in growing their businesses.

External Communications

Our communication extends beyond our team. We also like to touch base with our wider community on a regular basis, keeping them abreast of industry information, market trends, selling tips and a myriad of other value added topics. We believe we are here to serve the real estate market, ensuring that sellers get the best price and buyers secure their dream home. Our communications will always reflect this desire to assist.