Our people speak for us

We’re a people-based company in a people-based industry. Our people are our greatest asset. Despite our size, we’re a connected group of like-minded individuals who look after each other, especially when the going gets tough. We aim for enriching relationships and foster a collaborative culture of success.

We asked some of our longest serving people 'What makes Stockdale & Leggo different?'. Here are their answers...

"It truly is a family. Families have their ups and downs, but they always support each other no matter what. This is exactly the reason why Stockdale & Leggo is an 80 year old business with a solid network of franchisees.We support and nurture the growth of other offices around us. We are only as good as the people who work with us, so if we help the growth of our fellow franchisees, we in turn grow with them."

Daniel Lamanna | Stockdale & Leggo Drysdale | 18 years

“A culture of ‘We’re all in this together’ rather than ‘Each man for himself’. You know you’re part of something bigger and that what’s important to you is important to Stockdale & Leggo Corporate.”

Julie Kaye | Stockdale & Leggo Bannockburn | 12 years

"It’s a personable brand - whenever you meet up with other principals or go on courses with other members, it really is easy to get on with and collaborate with pretty much anyone in the S&L network. Having clear franchise boundaries means that you can work positively with your neighbours in ensuring that the brand is seen as a strong one."

Andy Reid | Stockdale & Leggo Cranbourne | 5 years

"I find that Stockdale & Leggo have a friendly and family oriented environment, they provide exceptional training and support, are an incredibly well respected brand, and have many great people in the group, all who want to help me grow my business."

Mark Imbesi | Stockdale & Leggo Glenroy | 27 years

“Stockdale & Leggo are different from other real estate brands due to the large network of people we have access to, the support we receive from our head office and the exceptional training which is provided for all levels of the business from Receptionist through to the Director.”

Lillian Farrugia | Stockdale & Leggo Gladstone Park | 7 years