About Me

Brent in 3 Words: Honest, reliable, driven

Brent’s Role

Passionate about listing and selling houses, Brent’s philosophy is to put the client at the centre of everything he does. Recognising the importance of exceptional client relations, the key to Brent’s success is his ability to provide an unparalleled standard of service built on years of experience and accomplishment. A man of integrity, Brent is well-respected in the region for delivering outstanding results, as well as for his intimate knowledge of the property market.

Brent’s proudest achievement at Stockdale & Leggo is owning his own office successfully.

What He Brings

An unwavering commitment to his team and the ability to communicate effectively with clients are the pillars of Brent’s success and strong bond with his team. Always happy to provide guidance and support, Brent encourages the development of the professional skills and abilities of his staff members, providing assistance wherever possible. Brent’s drive to deliver for his clients, whatever their needs may be, is the foundation for all his dealings with both sellers and buyers.

A fan of tennis and football, when Brent isn’t busy working, he enjoys getting out into the community and socialising with friends.

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