About Me

Sunny in 3 Words: Professional, friendly and attentive

Sunny’s Role

Working in various Australian sales industries for the last seven years, Sunny Kumar possesses a vast amount of experience in customer service, renowned for going above and beyond for his clients to help them achieve their real estate goals. Understanding that each of his clients is unique, possessing their own expectations and boundaries, Sunny spends time to intimately understand his client’s needs, and then formulating a personalised approach tailored to their individual circumstance. Passionate about real estate from a young age, Sunny thoroughly enjoys the dynamic nature of the industry, investing significant time in understanding market and growth trends so he is able to advise his clients in an accurate and timely fashion.

What He Brings

Sunny attributes much of his success to his outstanding work ethic, high attention to detail and excellent communication skills. Sunny is incredibly friendly and clients find his approachability one of his best assets, often seeking his expert advice on all matters relating to property. Sunny understands that the process of buying or selling a property is an emotional experience and works with his clients from the outset, providing transparent, professional and reliable advice. His unwavering commitment to delivering results for his clients is second to none, often resulting in a steady stream of referrals and repeat business.

Sunny is passionate about cricket and spends his spare time watching the game and following the Indian cricket team. He also enjoys traveling, taking part in different sporting events and spending quality time with his family.

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