About Me

Ashleigh in 3 words: Honest, Diligent, Bubbly

Ashleigh’s Role

Ashleigh commenced working with Stockdale & Leggo in 2020. Property management is now the career path chosen after over 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry as a Team Leader and Restaurant Manager. Ashleigh brings boundless enthusiasm and drive to her role and understands the strength of brand training and principals in Property Management.

In her role, Ashleigh is required to assist tenants and landlords; consistently ensuring that all parties receive the best possible results. Ashleigh's exceptional communication skills and attention to detail ensure her clients continuously feel at ease and always know where they stand.

What She Brings

Ashleigh has been in the hospitality industry for over 9 years with professional customer service and leadership experience ensuring communication and attention detail is paramount. Ashleigh has successfully completed Certificate III in Hospitality in 2012, Certificate III in Rural Operations in 2015, Certificate IV Front line Management in 2015, Certificate III in Business in 2015, Agents Representative Certificate in 2019 and currently attending to completing her Certificate IV in Property Management.

Ashleigh's greatest strength lies in her ability to get matters resolved with her generous nature and “can do attitude”. No matter the situation, Ashleigh knows what it takes to keep trying, persevering and getting the job done. She equates her key to success due to her easy-going nature and the capacity to achieve the desired outcome and result.

Her proudest moments are knowing that the hard work and the example she sets as a Team leader are appreciated. Ashleigh’s exceptional people skills, honest approach and diligent manner ensure she is a valuable and respected member of our team.