Starting a real estate business

The real estate industry is constantly evolving and we understand that, at Stockdale & Leggo, we must evolve too. We believe in continuous improvement through training and development as our real estate business is, at any given time, simply a reflection of its people, so as our people grow, so too does the business.

Training - we not only provide a range of comprehensive and relevant courses, we support you in implementing the theory you’ve learned into practice. The in-house training team is on hand to assist you in succeeding within your role as franchisee and ensuring you have all the information and skills required to succeed with your real estate business.

Sharing - core to our success is our desire to help people achieve their dreams and many have done this through becoming franchisees with Stockdale & Leggo. We believe in the sharing of information, learning from each other’s mistakes, picking each other up when we’re down and ultimately never allowing another to give up. We support each other through the tough times and celebrate the good times. Unified we are stronger and more successful.

Exclusive Territories - ownership is key to the success of our franchisees and for this reason, each new franchisee is offered an exclusive territory in which to establish their real estate business. This allows them to focus on a specific area, establish themselves as the expert in their area and connect with local members of their community. As a result, each office has their own individual identity both within their area and within the broader business .