About Me

Stephanie in 3 Words: Dedicated, determined, ambitious

Stephanie’s Role

The daughter of a real estate agent, Stephanie intuitively understands the real estate world with a depth and maturity beyond her years. Having studied to become a teacher, Stephanie made a life-changing decision to move into real estate and it has been onward and upwards since then.

As a portfolio manager, Stephanie focuses on navigating the complex relationship between tenants and landlords, ensuring open communication and honesty are at the centre of all her dealings in order to achieve outstanding outcomes for both parties. Stephanie’s insight and understanding of the property market is developed beyond her years, a reflection on her ambitious nature.

What She Brings

Stephanie’s resounding success in the industry can be attributed to both her passion and hard work. This, paired with her exceptional people skills has paid off, being recognised by her peers as Property Manager of the Year 2013. Having grown up with a father in real estate, Stephanie was exposed to the ins and out of the industry from a young age and it is clear that this has shaped her ability to problem-solve and work effectively in the industry.

Don’t be fooled by Stephanie’s quiet, easy-going nature - she is constantly learning, listening and taking notes - a sign of her tenacity. What Stephanie lacks in experience, she makes up for in willingness to learn and work. Her strong work ethic is the driving force behind her undeniably bright future which we all look forward to following.

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