About Me

3 Words : Positive, Respectful, Direct

Rachel has been providing outstanding customer service to our community for many years. Starting out working in the creche department at a local gym, Rachel worked her way up the corporate ladder to Customer Service Manager, ensuring her valued members of over 2,000 were happy & content with the services provided. It was paramount that everyone who came through the door experienced the best possible service Rachel was able to provide.

Moving on from that role, Rachel discovered her passion and interest in Real Estate landing herself a job as a receptionist for a well known franchise. She worked a few years in this role before trying on some different real estate shoes becoming a Sales Assistant. Ms La Porta blossomed in this role and grew out of her position. Needing further stimulation and new challenges to overcome, Rachel has found her way to the Stockies family & we couldn’t be happier to welcome her aboard our wonderful team.

A proud mum of a beautiful young lady, her determination, positive nature and attitude make her a force to be reckoned with! She is eager to learn, has a wealth of knowledge already & always ready with a big smile. We believe she will flourish and blossom in her new role as Assistant Asset Manager and look forward to our clients having the same pleasure experiencing the outstanding service, warmth, empathy & input we know Rachel will provide.