What can be lurking under the lino in your house reno!

I love being kept in the loop by clients once they have moved in and started the renovations. I often get photos sent of newly decorated rooms which always reminds me that the journey continues long after the sale takes place.

However today I received some photos of a different kind from one of my past purchasers entitled "Things you find when you pull up lino". Rather hoping for photos of cash there was instead a rather depressing series of photos describing the rotten floorboards he found.

Now he wasn’t having a go - just sending as a bit of fun and because he knows that I care but it did get me to think about how we care for our property and the state we pass it on in to the next owner.

In an ideal world and from a real estate point of view it is vital to care for our homes as much as possible. I know we all have jobs and kids and busy lives but it is really gutting when I see a home that has been poorly maintained and I know that the sales price will be impacted. It’s like handing your buyers negotiation points on a plate. Plus, putting yourselves through the insecurity of a pest & building inspection and potentially having to re-negotiate when major problems are revealed.

It does strike me as bizarre that this part if the selling process is so often left up to a "fingers crossed" attitude. I would rather be forearmed with a pre-sales inspection than taken by surprise to learn that termites have eaten through all the stumps.

To increase your chances of getting top dollar when it does come time to sell make sure you keep on top of the following which have been flagged as the main issues on building reports - drainage, insufficient ventilation, plumbing Issues, roof damage, structural defects such as stumps and concrete slabs.

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Katie Woods - Sales & Marketing Director

Stockdale & Leggo Emerald