Beware the low cost, fixed fee real estate agencies!

When it comes to selling your home, be wary of the low cost, fixed fee real estate agencies that are out there.

To achieve the lower costs for homeowners, these agencies use a pool of outsourced estate agents and assign them to their clients. There are often incentives for offering conveyancing, mortgages, insurances and other top-up services. We believe that when it comes to selling your home, you should be able to meet the agent upfront to determine if there is a good fit in this important process. And although we are able to offer a range of services and suggest service providers for our clients, we don’t push these services onto clients so we can achieve incentives.

When you are choosing an agency to sell your home, do your homework to ensure that the agency you choose is not just focused on a quick sale – potentially at the lowest price. Your home is your biggest investment. You want to be reassured that you are choosing a Real Estate agent who has experience in the local area and expertise to work to obtain the best price for you; someone that knows what your property is worth and is motivated and dedicated to working hard to achieve the best deal for you.

Selling your home is not just a transaction; often it is an emotional decision and at times can be a difficult one depending on the circumstances of sale. As a trusted and experienced local agent, we have been in Emerald for over 11 years and we abide by the strictest codes of practice. We are with you every step of the way and work hard to build a personal relationship with each and every seller. There’s nothing like sitting down with someone over a cup of coffee to discuss your needs and concerns – or email us if that’s more convenient.

At Stockdale & Leggo Emerald, our office is open at hours that are convenient to you – including Saturday and Sunday! It’s not often you’ll find a Real Estate agent who’s open 7 days a week! So call us or pop in. We’d be happy to have an obligation free chat over coffee with you and discuss the next steps in your property journey.