About Me

Bonnie in 3 Words: Level headed, Compassionate and Fair

Bonnie’s Role

Commencing her real estate career in 2014, Bonnie Stranks joined the Stockdale & Leggo Drysdale team. Working a dual role and having mastered the art of receptionist, Bonnie also assisted the Property Management team in an intensive support role. In 2016 a portfolio of her own to manage became available and Bonnie has excelled in this position. Growing from strength to strength Bonnie enjoys the training she regularly attends and loves the learning opportunities this role offers.

What She Brings

Bonnie believes the key to her success has been her impeccable level of customer service, ensuring that all enquiries are handled with efficiency, promptness and a smile. Bonnie thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to help people and solve their problems. Approaching all tasks with level headedness, calmness and a “there isn’t a problem that can’t be fixed” attitude, Bonnie has learnt that clear communication skills are required to solve these problems and she enjoys working hard to achieve the best result for her clients. Bonnie loves working with the team at Stockdale & Leggo Drysdale, often referring to them as her family. “The culture is second to none and everyone is so supportive and encouraging.”

In her spare time Bonnie enjoys spending time with her husband Ben and their three dogs. Having such a large pack sees them being regular faces at the local dog training facility in Wallington. Bonnie bought her home here in Drysdale in 2015 and spends much of her down time working on the house itself and maintaining the large block it sits on.

Bonnie is keen to further establish her career and looks forward to becoming a long standing, well recognized face of Property Management on the Bellarine Peninsula.