A fundamental part of the Stockdale & Leggo business philosophy is to contribute to the wider community
by giving back and we do this through partnering with foundations whose causes are in alignment with our community values.

Our Mission

To ignite community generosity within the Stockdale & Leggo family by fostering a culture of contribution and thoughtfulness. We believe that with small regular acts of kindness we can create long lasting and significant change.

Engaging with our wider community is key to our business ethos and we encourage all our partners to connect with fellow business owners, sporting teams and community members to see how we can all work together for the betterment of our community’s.

Our Community Involvement

Our franchisees take their involvement in their local community very seriously often sponsoring an array of initiatives on an annual basis. These include sponsoring local sporting teams and charity events, organising Easter Egg hunts for the local children and supporting schools in many of their fundraising activities.

S&L Foundation

We are proud to announce the launch of the S&L Foundation, a charity founded to support those less fortunate than ourselves. We hold community mindedness and contribution as two of our key values, and aim to foster a culture of kindness and benevolence within the Stockdale & Leggo family. 

Blue Ribbon Foundation

One such worthy cause Stockdale & Leggo have chosen to support is the Blue Ribbon Foundation which honours the memory of members of the Victoria Police who have been killed in the line of duty through a number of worthwhile community projects throughout Victoria.

Being a Police Officer is one of the, if not the most, dangerous job, and both men and women put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect the wider community. To date, 159 Victorian Police Officers have been killed in action, which again highlights the dangers they face on a daily basis. As a grateful community, we support projects which honour their memory so that their sacrifice is never forgotten.

The foundation provides funding for new and improved emergency facilities in public hospitals named in memory of fallen officers. It's a program that remembers lives by saving others. Furthermore the foundation aims to communicate our appreciation and gratitude to current serving officers of their continued efforts in keeping their communities safe.

We have received great feedback from both the community and Victoria Police members on our participation and thank everyone for their support.