About Me

Nicole in 3 words: Organised, Friendly, Helpful

Nicole’s Role

Nicole Atkinson commenced her career in real estate in 1994. She has been a valuable member of the Stockdale & Leggo Cranbourne office for the past 16 years. Her role in Accounts sees her responsible for every day account duties including trust accounting, payroll, general bookkeeping and accounts payable.

What She Brings

As one of our longest standing employees within the Cranbourne office, Nicole is a true asset to our team. Nicole enjoys working in the accounts field and particularly appreciates the wonderful environment of the office and the fantastic colleagues she is surrounded by on a daily basis.

Nicole is incredibly well organised and extremely efficient. Her time management skills are definitely one of her greatest strengths. She continuously ensures that accounts are handled professionally and in a timely manner. Her ongoing dedication and commitment to this role are attributes of her long term success.
When not in the office, Nicole is busy looking after and spending time with her two wonderful teenage children.