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Conveyancing doesn’t need to be confusing.
Stockdale & Lego proudly incorporate specialist residential conveyancing to provide you with an end to end solution that see more than just property specialists
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We’re here to help

Our mission is to help people achieve their property dreams. We’re committed to listening to what you need through the sale or purchase of your home and providing individually tailored solutions specific to you.

We are experts in our field and most importantly, we care. We care about delivering the best outcome for you and working with you throughout the journey to ensure your happiness and peace of mind. Let us deliver the best property outcome for you and your family.

Why us

You’ll receive expert service in record time, giving you the leading edge in today's fast pace property climate

We’re locally based, ensuring you have industry experts witin your own region adapted to your own person and legal situation.

Our experts work seamlessly with your team, giving you the ultimate trifecta of service uniquely tailored to you and your property

Completely digital contact options for the modern client.

Gone are the days of taking time off work to complete paperwork.

For Sellers

Whilst it might seem daunting list kit in hand, but with Stockdale & Lego Conveyancing on your team we have a simple three step process to get you on the go.

1. Provide details to us about the details of the property in order to prepare a Section 32 Vendors Statement

A Section 32 is the industry name for a disclosure document the tells purchasers relevant information that is required under Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act. This includes crucial information such as rates, zoning, land use, legal matters, building works and utility services effecting the land.
2. We'll prepare documents and send them to you for review

At this point matters are well under way, however for one reason or another details may have changed. For this reason we give you the opportunity to confirm matters prior to the final product being provided to your sales team. This also gives us a great opportunity to touch base with you and go through any remaining questions you may have.
3. Documents are professionally bound and provided to your sales team in electronic and hard copy.

At Stockdale & Lego Conveyancing we set the standard with exceptionally finished sale documents giving you the competitive edge amongst with Purchasers.
You can sit back and relax knowing that everything you need to do has been completed, and in conjunction with your sales team will ensure your property success. 

Property Sold - what next?

Once sold our office on your behalf will attend to the entire settlement process from start to finish. At Stockdale & Lego Conveyancing we are the first to celebrate successful client outcomes and treat every settlement date as our own. In the weeks and days leading up to the completion of your property sale you can sit back and relax in confidence with your personal property team at your side through every step of the process. 

For Purchasers

Buying a new property isn't as simple as ordering a book. Each person and property are unique and require the utmost of specialised care.

At Stockdale & Lego we care about you and your experience. We believe Purchasers who are informed make better decisions and have better outcomes. This is why we make a commitment to do what it takes to ensure purchasers not only have the knowledge about their proposed transaction, but how to optimise and protect their interests.

For this reason we offer the following services in addition what is typically considered 'standard' conveyancing practices.

Pre Purchase Review

We will first take individualised instructions from you and review the documents for the property you are considering purchasing. At this time we'll also answer any queries you may have about your lending status or stamp duty concession entitlements.
Transfer Registration via PEXA

Our office are Nationally accredited users of the PEXA platform and can handle all aspects of registration in house, rather than relying on third party services 
Stamp Duty Lodgement & Concessions

Being fully accredited our office acts as a trusted partner for the State Revenue Office to ensure all aspects of Stamping and Lodgement are finalised prior to Settlement, to ensure you are not required to apply and wait for a refund following Settlement. 

Our Values

Commitment - we work tirelessly to deliver on our commitment to helping you achieve your real estate dreams.

Integrity - being open and honest at all times. Communicating candidly and acting only in your best interests

Stability - we value reliability and act as confidante, counsellor, and consultant to you throughout the process.

Dedication - we are driven and determined, dedicated to going above and beyond for you on a consistent basis.

Results - we are a community of high achievers and delivering solid outcomes for our clients is our game.