About Me

“A role model, contributor and the game changer” is Ally’s personal motto. This transpires in everything Ally does including her career as real estate professional.

After completing her Bachelor of Engineering degree in the United Kingdom, Ally started working for a Tier 1 company. Since then she has been very successful in establishing large scale technology-based initiatives for a variety of Fortune 500, government and international organisations.

Ally has much experience in buying and selling her own homes and investment properties. Her people skills and past education from brilliant property mentors like Cherie Barber (Channel 7 and Channel 9’s Renovation Queen) and Mark Rolton (Australia’s Leader in Property Option) has helped fuel her passion.

Ally's upbringing and professional background give her the edge over other agents. She has her own loyal client base, overseas contacts and a strong network of business communities. The majority of these are successful property developers and renovators. Ally speaks fluent Malay, and her Asian background makes it easy for her to interact with Asian buyers and match their needs.

Ally follows the three codes of business conduct; Integrity, Generosity & Compassion “I feel each responsibility I undertake is an honour and I want to go beyond OK. I want people to feel that I have touched, moved and somehow inspired their lives”.

She has a vision of building a Community Focus Group called FLYe or ‘Financial Literacy for Young Entrepreneurs’. It aims to specifically educate 13 to 17 year-old young adults (and their parents) in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, good moral values and giving back to their community. The group’s long-term vision is to build physical and virtual 'Academies' in Australia and South-East Asia