Why Serious Sellers Should Use Video To Sell Their Property

In today’s digital era, the play button is becoming an irresistible call to action with online video now accounting for 50% of mobile traffic. This statistic highlights how powerful the video medium is becoming and why it’s a worthy addition to your marketing campaign.

Real time experience
A video enables a potential buyer to view your property online as though they were walking through it in real time. This will either pique their interest and turn them into a “qualified buyer” or discount them immediately because they’ve identified they have no real interest in the property and are unlikely to attend an inspection thereby saving your agent time and resources in not having to follow up a disinterested party.

Provides key information
A video also provides key information that photos don’t such as the flow of the the property, with main features being viewed from a three-dimensional standpoint which can be utilised to target your market more effectively. For example, if your target market is a family with school aged children, you could film the local school and a testimonial from a neighbour on how safe the school is and how much their children enjoy attending it. Get creative with what you include and really think about how you will appeal to your audience’s needs.

Save money
Find a photographer who also has videography skills so they can take care of both the photography and videography for you thus saving you time and money.

Social media
A video is an excellent interactive tool which can be shared via most social media platforms and will likely attract more interest and click throughs than your basic real estate photographs which are standard and aren’t guaranteed to generate cut through.

Ensure your property is in pristine condition before the shoot occurs and remember to ask the videographer to shoot more footage than you think you will need. You can always cut it down later but it’s better to have too much than too little or else you may incur the expense of having to reshoot which is not ideal.If you’re searching for a photographer who also has videography skills, we encourage you to contact your local Stockdale & Leggo agent who can assist.