Top Ways to Market Your Property

With the rise of the digital world, there are now more avenues than ever to utilise in marketing your home and it’s wise to take all into consideration when forming your overall strategy. Your agent will be able to advise on the strategies they’ve used in the past to get the best possible results and these can be tailored to achieve the outcome you desire. Below are some of our recommendations on what should be included in an effective campaign.


Quality photos are the most important tool in catching the attention of potential buyers and we believe it’s crucial to engage a professional property photographer to shoot an extensive selection of high quality photographs, which will be used across digital platforms and in printed marketing campaigns. These images will help set your home apart from others in a similar market segment.


Print media remains a popular medium for real estate marketing. Print includes a variety of channels such as newspapers, real estate brochures, property magazines, home specific flyers and other forms of promotional collateral. While digital media has become more of a focus, many buyers still pick up the weekend paper to search for a home so designing and rolling out a sharp and innovative print campaign is still a key part in the process.


In today’s digital era, the play button is becoming an irresistible call to action with online video now accounting for 50% of mobile traffic, highlighting how powerful the video medium is and why it’s a worthy addition to your marketing campaign. A video will showcase the flow of your property, enabling a potential buyer to view your home online as though they were walking through it in real time.


Advertising your property on popular real estate websites, means that it’s accessible anytime anywhere by thousands of potential buyers. We recommend utilising the “feature property” listings on the major real estate websites which enables your property to be “ranked higher” in the list of homes for sale in your suburb, setting your home apart from competitors.

Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to selling your home. We recommend using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect directly with qualified parties, emotionally engaging with them and showcasing the key features of your home at every opportunity. Sponsored posts have also proved highly effective in achieving cut through and attracting more qualified buyers to open homes.


The signboard is a key tool in communicating 'the story' of your property to passers by, enticing interested parties to contact your agent. Traditionally signboards include key information, an outline of the property’s main selling benefits and an interior colour photograph allowing the prospective buyer to get a “glimpse” into their future home. Invest in high quality signboards as these will attract numerous potential buyers on a regular basis, helping to increase numbers at your open homes.

At Stockdale & Leggo, our agents are digitally savvy and can assist in rolling out a fresh and modern marketing campaign, cutting down time to sell and achieving the outcome you desire.