Top 5 Tips to Maximise Resale Value

While the size of a home is incredibly important, especially if you’re in the throes of expanding your family, there are some other key elements which should be taken into account to ensure that not only are your “desires” met but also that your new property has solid resale appeal when the time comes to sell.

Location, location, location

Location is crucial when it comes to resale appeal. Houses in good neighbourhoods, with access to amenities and infrastructure fare better than those in less ideal locales. Consider proximity to parks, shopping centres, schools and public transport when looking for that dream home.

Situation factors

Consider other fundamental factors of the house which will be taken into consideration by potential buyers. Does it have good access? Is the garden suitable for a range of needs whether that be a jungle gym for the kids, a vege garden or pets? Are there stairs which need to be navigated? Do neighbours windows look directly into yours? Those which can be changed with minimal fuss shouldn’t affect your decision but those which are there to stay should be considered carefully.

Consider the Community

Spend time in the areas you’re considering buying. Does it feel safe? Are the homes well maintained? Would you feel comfortable allowing your children to walk to and from their school? Are there other children playing in yards? These are the people you’ll be meeting and interacting with so take the time to learn about them before making a long term commitment to that area.

Street appeal

Always pay attention to exterior features. It is well known that brick homes are easier to maintain and therefore less maintenance for both you and a future buyer. Is there much work needed in the garden? Is the current state one which you can invest minimal time and energy for maximum return? Is the roof in good condition and have the gutters been cleaned regularly? All of these elements are easily viewed from the street and a good indication as to whether the home has been well cared for.


In relation to lifestyle, does your home have access to key elements? Is there tram or train access for a daily commute to the city? Is access to a particular chain of gyms offered? Is there a good choice of eateries in the area? Is it close to the beach? Are shopping centres or department stores within easy reach? Think about the lifestyle options you need to access within 5 minutes of your home to help determine if others will consider it an attractive investment in the future.

Ultimately, when choosing your home, you must be comfortable first and foremost but it is wise, given the amount of investment, to think ahead about the potential resale value of your home before committing. To gain a professional opinion, please contact us at Stockdale & Leggo as we’d be delighted to provide information on the resale potential of your home or a home you are considering purchasing in the near future.