The “Home Buyers Checklist”

Purchasing a home can be a daunting experience, even for the most experienced of buyers so approaching an open home prepared with a Checklist of things to watch out for can help you avoid making some rookie errors in the purchasing department.

The Checklist

  1. Water stains or corrosion to walls backing onto the showers or baths
  2. Sagging ceilings
  3. Check inside cabinets in the “wet” areas
  4. Check the walls for cracks of any size
  5. Look for mould in bathrooms and bedrooms
  6. Check internal wall plastering for fine cracks
  7. Check external roof lines are straight and free from deflections
  8. Look for rusting on inside of roof gutters
  9. Check the roof downpipes are running to stormwater drains
  10. Look for drain holes on the external perimeter walls of the home

Invest in a maintenance check by a qualified building inspector if you have doubts about any of the above. This small investment will save you the inconvenience of your dream house falling down around your ears due to it being structurally unsound so definitely consider it before moving ahead.