Step Budget Bedroom Makeover

With Instagram and Pinterest images abounding of delightfully styled and welcoming bedrooms, one can be forgiven for wanting to follow suit. Having a bedroom which is photo-worthy doesn’t have to break the bank, so here are some quick tips to help you ‘beautify your boudoir’ on a beer budget.

  1. Decide on a colour palette
    The basis of any successful makeover is the choice of a coordinated colour palette which complement each other. Opt for neutrals where possible as it then becomes easier to add pops of colour as we move through the process. Think off white, grey and other neutral colours which won’t date.
  2. Choose Bed Linen
    The bed is generally the centre piece of your sleeping space so this choice is key. Choose a doona cover and sheets which are coordinated and complement your choice of colour palette in your bedroom. The doona and sheets don’t necessarily need to be the same colour but it’s important they don’t clash.
  3. Bed Decorations
    Throw pillows and rugs are a great way to add depth, texture and sometimes pops of colour to the colour palette you’ve chosen in your bedroom. Choose a rug whic is in the same tone as your bedspread but perhaps a deeper shade. Choose colours which add that pop of colour to the room. It’s fine to go for a striking contrast here. If you’ve gone with grey, perhaps choose a pink or yellow combination of pillows or even multi-coloured to bring some personality to the room.
  4. Add a Plant
    Plants naturally bring a sense of warmth and harmony to any space and this is no different for a bedroom. Opt for a succulent or even a fake plant to bring the same feel, especially if you don’t trust yourself to keep it alive. The pot you choose to keep it in can also be used to bring an extra touch of style so choose something which is going to mix well with your other choices.
  5. Choose a Lamp
    There are so many funky lamps available these days so make choosing one a priority. Depending on whether you have a bedside table, you could choose a smaller one to go on top of this or a floor lamp is always a sophisticated option. It doesn’t to break the bank either as IKEA offer a range of cheap, yet stylish alternatives.

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