Senior Female Leaders Join Committee to Reduce Gender Pay Gap in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is one of the few remaining industries where the gender pay gap is increasing rather than decreasing and senior female leaders from a number of high profile, blue chip companies have joined the ‘Empowered Women in Real Estate’ Committee to help stem the flow.

Gender Equity Insights 2017 reported a gender pay gap of 29.3% between women and men with men recorded as earning $131,220 to their female counterpart’s $92,735 in full time earnings[1] for the 2015/16 year. This increased by 0.9% from 28.4% for the 2014/15 year [2] making real estate one of the few industries where the gender pay gap is increasing rather than decreasing.

The Empowered Women in Real Estate initiative exists, in part, to address and raise awareness for the significant disparity which exists between male and female earnings. Founded by Chief Operating Officer of Stockdale & Leggo, Anna Thomas, who wants to see more women step confidently into leadership roles within the industry, and in the process, take control of their own financial future.

“I believe that it’s not a lack of capability or talent, but a crisis of confidence holding women back from stepping into more senior roles within the industry and this initiative seeks to alleviate this issue through empowerment, inspiration and practical ‘know how’ gained through our annual event,” she says.

Support has come thick and fast from an impressive line-up of prominent female leaders who have joined the Empowered Women in Real Estate Committee to further the cause within the property industry. Committee members include Partner of Deloitte Private, Susie Salmon, Sales Director of Domain, Rebecca Warner, Relationship Director of Westpac Karen Kong and Head of Content & Product Marketing from Core Logic, Kylie Davis.

Karen Kong from Westpac, believes that there is currently a significant lack of female representation at the highest levels of leadership in business, government and community and bringing about a cultural change in the wider Australian business and social community is a challenge but certainly not impossible.

“It is widely recognised that inclusive and gender diverse businesses create positive, meaningful and sustainable outcomes. This can only happen if women are willing to seize every opportunity, rise to the occasion and be a change agent. I hope that this initiative will bring together willing and able women to connect, learn and grow for both their personal and career development.”

Similarly, Kylie Davis of Core Logic, is lending her support as she’d like to see more balance within the industry as a result of women taking the initiative and stepping into more senior roles as while women currently make up 50% of the real estate industry, they are under-represented as sales agents and principals.

“As a gender, we gravitate towards property management and admin or support roles for reasons that I think, if we pull together and focus on, we can easily change. I am excited about working with women in real estate to encourage them to step up as leaders and help us redefine the industry so that it’s about offering genuine help and support to our clients who are taking part in some of the most important financial and emotional transactions in their lives, rather than achieving rock star sales targets.”

Sales Director of Domain, Rebecca Warner, is excited to be a part of a Committee which can facilitate room for more women at the top echelons of the industry.

“I'm beyond thrilled to be a part of the Empowered Women in Real Estate Committee. I see so many incredibly talented women in our industry who we should celebrate, encourage and empower to tell their story. There is room for everyone at the top, and it's the responsibility of our generation to ensure that this is the norm for generations to come.”

Past speakers of the annual event have included Tammy Barton, Founder of My Budget, Amanda Leigh Walker, Co-founder of Lord of the Fries, Melina Cruickshank, Chief Marketing & Editorial Officer of Domain, Kylie Davis, Head of Content & Product Marketingof Marketing from Core Logic and Kelly Baker-Jamieson, Founder and CEO of Edible Blooms.

Past sponsors have included Audi, Westpac, Carman’s Muesli, Edible Blooms, Hello Hair, Impressed Juices, Samantha Wills, The5th Watches, Mon Purse and NAK.

For more information on the Empowered Women in Real Estate event, or to organise an interview with Anna Thomas or one of the committee members, please contact Chiquita Searle, Stockdale & Leggo e: [email protected] p: 0423 686 380.

[1] Gender Equity Insights 2017: Inside Australia’s Gender Pay Gap
[2] Gender Equity Insights 2017: Inside Australia’s Gender Pay Gap