Seasons To Sell

When it comes to the best time of year to sell your home, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ season. Certain times of the year have unique advantages and disadvantages and it’s best to be aware of them all, so that you can determine the best time to sell your home. So how does seasonality affect the property market and what can you do to make your home shine no matter what the season?


Coastal homes that are elevated often do well when sold during summer as that is the time of year that buyers will be planning on using them the most. Summer can also bode well if your house tends to be quite cold and dark during winter, but also keep in mind that homes with west-facing windows can get hot in summer, so it’s best to hold your inspections early in the day. If your property does need cooling down, try to do so a few hours before any inspections.


The weather can be unpredictable during Autumn, so try to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, whether it is warm or cool outside. Warm tones and cosy touches will make your home more appealing during this season and overall it’s a good time for real estate, with families well rested after school holidays and ready to settle into new homes.


Again, keeping in mind the window positioning of your home, west-facing windows that became too hot in summer can be a blessing during the cooler months, providing warmth and lots of flattering natural light. During winter, the focus should be on creating a warm and welcoming environment, so turn on the heater, light the fire and consult your agent about the best time of day to hold inspections.


They call it spring-cleaning for a reason! After being closed up over winter, your home may be in need of a little refresh, so give everything a little TLC. People love to get outdoors during spring time, so give your exterior a bit of a makeover, fertilising the lawn and garden, applying a lick of paint to anything that needs it and adding some new plants to keep everything looking lush and well cared for. Outdoor oasis coming right up!