Property Podcast of the Month

If you’re an avid podcast listener, and want to utilise your commute or any down time you may have to learn even more about investing, the Smart Property Investment (SPI) Show, hosted by Phil Tarrant, is one to add to your podcast feed. Topics covered include how property investor Michael Ossitt went from having just $2,000 to his name as a backpacker to owning a multi-property portfolio, how to build a portfolio without sacrificing fun, travel or food and how to identify an under market value property. Topics are relevant, informative and entertaining. Definitely subscribe worthy.

Other episodes include:

Episode 47: The SPI Show answers more listener questions: Special episode

Episode 46: 4 properties by 24 – how to build a portfolio without sacrificing fun, travel or food

Episode 45: Special guest Mark Bouris on what really makes property prices rise and when to invest

Episode 44: ‘11 properties by 31, now I’m stuck: What’s next?’

Episode 43: 22 properties by 30: Can Generation Ys build massive portfolios?

Episode 42: SPECIAL EPISODE: All your burning property investment questions answered

Episode 41: 14 properties and $13,000 cash flow positive: how this investor did it

Episode 40: How I achieved financial freedom in the face of divorce

Episode 39: $2 million in equity in just five years: SPI portfolio update

Episode 38: Identifying an under market value property: buyer’s agent reveals all