Out Of Isolation - Auction Guidelines

Auction ban lifted in Victoria as Daniel Andrews loosens coronavirus restrictions

On-site real estate auctions are now allowed as the Government announced that they would begin loosening restrictions.

Auctions will be limited to 10 people, plus the minimum amount of people required to facilitate the sale and those selling the house.

The same applies for open for inspections. We can now open homes again and allow a maximum of 10 people through door to inspect a property. We will also be required to take the name and phone number of each visitor to ensure we can trace any possible COVID-19 outbreak should this occur.

If the number of people attending an inspection exceeds the maximum of 10 permitted, then we will be applying a one-in, and one-out rule to ensure everyone can inspect the property within a safe distance of each other.

Whilst the restrictions are being eased, it is important to note these will be lifted slowly over the coming months to ensure we keep community safety front of mind.

Our open homes and on-site auctions will still follow strict protocols currently place. A breakdown of these guidelines are below:


Please observe a minimum of 1.5 metre distance from person-to-person at all times while inspecting the property. If you are sick or unwell do not enter the property.

We also request you avoid attending an inspection or auction if you:

  • Are feeling unwell or have developed flu-like symptoms;
  • Are under instruction to self-isolate or have come into contact with someone who is self-isolating?


Please refrain from touching door, cupboard, and drawer handles. If you would to open a door or drawer please ask the team member on-site.


Please remove your shoes before entering the house to prevent spreading dirt and germs around the house.


Please refrain from touching doors, walls and surfaces as you inspect the property, including lights switches and tapware.

If you are interested in attending a property auction, you need to register your interest with the on-site staff member or fill our the following form AUCTION PROPERTY REGISTER prior to being allowed to attend.

With only a small amount people allowed to attend auctions, it would be preferable to pre-qualify all prospective bidders at least a week in advance of the auction date.

At Stockdale & Leggo we are continuing to serve the needs of our customers, with a focus on ensuring our current vendors and buyers are well serviced throughout this period.

Stockdale & Leggo is here to support you and provide guidance through these times. If we can assist you with any of your property needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this period together.

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 restrictions and current regulations in place for real estate services, please visit your relevant state or territory government website.