Inexpensive Hacks to ‘Stylise’ your home!

We all love living in a nice space, go on, admit it. Unfortunately not all our budgets extend to overhauling our homes in the manner in which we’d like so we have come up with some cheap hacks to ‘stylise’ your home without the ‘stylised’ price tags!

Tip 1: Commence the process with a neutral palette. Much can be built upon by starting with white walls and neutral coloured furniture, especially the big ticket items like the couch. Neutrals also never date so you can invest in this with confidence that you won’t have to upgrade in the near future.

Tip 2: Layer with texture such as wool and cashmere. Add these in throw cushions, artwork or little sculptures for your shelves. Don’t be afraid to change it up with something a little quirky like leather or velvet cushions.

Tip 3: Go big on the artwork. Oversized pieces of art are a talking point. They draw attention and make the space feel expensive. Head to second-hand stores, student art shows and even IKEA to score cool finds.

Tip 4: Create a ‘curation’ feel by upcycling something old or treasured and blending the whole lot together to add a feeling that you’ve considered and curated your space. Hit op shops or garage sales for rare finds.

Tip 5: Make it smell delicious by adding candles, freshly cut flowers or room fragrances. Not only will your home smell amazing, it will also create a welcoming vibe which you’ll treasure every time you walk through the front door.

While you may be feeling like a pauper after purchasing your home, there are many inexpensive ways in which you can style it to ensure it is a reflection of you and a welcoming space to come home to. It just takes a little creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’.