DIY Design Tips & Tricks

If you’ve been putting off those little DIY projects around the house, the well-earned Christmas break is the perfect time to tick some of these projects off your list. Here are some Design Tips & Tricks from one of Melbourne’s leading Interior Designers Sally Klopper on choosing some furniture and decorating your home over the holiday period.

Take Risks with Statement Pieces 

Unexpected choices give a space spirit and edge. Choose one or two statement making pieces, from dramatic wall coverings to a key piece of furniture such as a unique armchair. Choose other elements in support of the key piece but don’t over do it. Only one key piece per room is required to avoid over dramatisation.

Embrace Colour 

A pop of vibrant colour makes for an easy refresh in any space, even in subtle doses such as a small throw rug or a couple of cushions. Another suggestion would be to use your key statement piece in a vibrant colour to add character to the room.

Tell a story 

Collect pieces that mean something to you personally, whether it’s a special something found traveling on an amazing getaway, or photograph of a favorite musician. No detail is too small. Thoughtful, meaningful and everyday items punctuate a space with passion and can often be conversation starters.

Mix it Up

A clever mix of richly textured materials will add dimension. Combine smooth leathers with heavier textured jacquards. Whatever you choose, from rich woods to marble, and an eclectic palette of fabrics, patterns, and organic pieces, don’t be afraid to make choices a bit left of centre. Sally has recently launched an online DIY Interior Design course called Open Studio where, over a period of six modules, you learn a repertoire of new skills to help you style your home like a design pro! For only $49 per module, this is an affordable way for you to decorate your home to reflect your personality, lifestyle and budget.

Sally Klopper