Debunking Stereotypes and Bridging the Gender Leadership Gap, One Woman at a Time

This year the team at the Women in Leadership Summit have put together what we believe to be one of the best programmes. Our research identified the problems and challenges faced by modern Australian women – and with that in mind we assembled a speaker panel to share their real-life experiences that offer solutions to these problems and challenges.

The identified problems are similar and largely unchanged – gender inequality and balance; not being heard; no seat in the boardroom and so on… but the key as always is in finding the solution that works for you.

Chief Operating Officer of Stockdale & Leggo, Anna Thomas, has been invited to join a panel at the two day event to discuss rebalancing the gender divide in male-dominated sectors of which real estate is most certainly one.

Thomas, who recently drew attention to the widening pay gap of the industry with her opinion piece on what women in senior leadership roles can do to counteract this issue as published on Women’s Agenda, believes that these types of events are pivotal in addressing the gap which increased to 29.3% in 2015/16 from 28.4% for the 2014/15 year.

“I believe that it’s not a lack of capability or talent, but a crisis of confidence holding women back from stepping into more senior roles within the industry and this type of event is crucial in alleviating this issue through raising awareness and providing relevant and realistic advice to women on how to approach it,” she says.

This event gives guests the wherewithal to network, speak with and benefit from hundreds of women with stories to tell.

If you are not in, you can’t win. Put yourself out there. Get in the game. Enhance your network. Take the next step in closing the gender leadership gap – join us at the Women in Leadership Summit.

To find out more, call: +61 2 9188 8950 or visit the Women in Leadership Summit Melbourne website to view the agenda for details to secure your pass. To save 10% off the price of attending, mention WLSMEL_SPKR10% on check-out.

For information on the event or to organise an interview with Anna Thomas, please contact Chiquita Searle, Stockdale & Leggo e: [email protected] p: 0423 686 380.