Best 4 Plants for an Indoor Space

As the cooler months set in, we will naturally find ourselves spending more and more time indoors, and less inclined to brave the chill by sitting outside. Instead we may find ourselves grasping a hot cup of joe, wrapped in the blanket nana knitted us when we were ten and positioned dangerously close to a heater. If you run inside at the threat of a brisk wind but dread the winter months as you lose contact with ‘nature’’, never fear as these plants are perfect to add that touch of ‘green’ to your indoor space.

  1. Areca Palm
    In living rooms with quite a large amount of space, plants with height can be ideal. Otherwise known as the Butterfly Palm, the Areca Palm is the perfect complement to a spacious living room and can be quite a feature due to its size and presence
  2. Fiddle Leaf Fig
    Known for its unusually shaped leaves, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is another option if seeking ‘impact’ in an inside space. They’re classic, refined and bring a touch of class to any room. They come in various sizes and depending on the space you have, you may opt for a larger one (although more expensive) or alternatively, if space and budget are an issue, go for a younger plant.
  3. Rubber Plant
    If a low maintenance option is your jam, then look no further than the Rubber Plant, so named for its resilience. This little beauty can withstand low light and maintenance is a cinch with this one being one of the easiest to keep alive. Its beautiful green leaves also provide a powerful toxin eliminator and air purifier but there is a catch. The leaves can be toxic if ingested by pets so consider another if you have indoor animals.
  4. String of Pearls
    So named due to its striking resemblance to, you guessed it, a ‘string of pearls, this gem is unique to look at and easy to maintain. The stems can grow to over a metre long which can look quite fetching if the plant is positioned high on a shelf and the ‘pearls’ trail over the side. Best not to do this if you have a cat however, as these could prove irresistible.

Plants naturally bring a sense of warmth and harmony to any space and this is no different for an indoor area. They also provide a sense of ‘home’ and invite people to want to spend time in that area. They can be transformational and don’t need to cost the earth, and can be a source of comfort in the cooler months so if you feel your space needs a touch of ‘home’ added, look no further than these gorgeous specimens.