5 Tips to Get your Home “Sale Ready”

We’ve well and truly entered the spring selling season so if you’re thinking of making a move, now is the time to spend some time and energy on spruiking your home to get the most bang for your buck! Here are some top tips on what to focus your resources on to generate the biggest impact:


Industry experts believe a fresh coat of paint will give you the most significant impact. Any scuffs or wear marks will present a dishevelled feel to prospective home buyers, and even small details like these can affect the resulting sale price. Often an unusual colour choice – like a yellow feature wall – can limit the buyers your home will appeal to. So roll up your sleeves this weekend and slap on a couple of coats of a neutral colour with a matte finish to appeal to the widest audience.

Clean & Declutter

Save time down the track by beginning to sift through your belongings and throw out or donate any items you don’t regularly use, bin items which are broken or damaged, shred paperwork which is no longer relevant and consider short term storage for any items which won’t enhance the look and feel of your home. When you begin the cleaning process, pay attention to small details. Consider investing in a professional house cleaner as they will be aware of the nooks and crannies you won’t even think of!

Half-Empty the Wardrobes

Storage is a hot commodity for home buyers and they will take the time to open every cupboard to gauge the storage available. An excellent tip is to half-empty your wardrobes and neatly organise what’s left as this gives the impression of a larger space. Do this for all storage areas throughout the house and organise short term storage for those items you want to keep. The more you store on-site the smaller your home will appear.

Eliminate Odours

Don’t make the mistake of asphyxiating prospective home buyers by going overboard on the air fresheners. Make a trip to the market for a couple of bunches of freshly cut flowers, boil some fresh cinnamon on the stove or place a plate of fresh cookies on the kitchen bench. All of these homespun touches will add a lovely freshness to the air as well as offer a cosy welcoming vibe.

Rent Some Furniture

Properties can sometimes take months to sell however if you’re willing to invest in some rented furniture and a home stager to spruce up your home, it can take turnover from as long as five months to as short as two weeks! A high end home with five bedrooms and up to three living areas can cost up to $15,000 to style however this is at the more expensive end of the spectrum and sometimes a much lesser investment is required for smaller properties. Do your research and read reviews of local furniture and home styling businesses and work with someone who understands your needs and can work within your budget.