5 Tips to Choosing an Agent to Sell Your Property

Given that selling a home can be an emotionally turbulent and stressful time, it’s understandable that sellers often become overwhelmed when deciding whom to entrust their property to. To combat making a rash or emotional decision, we would recommend following the below process to assist you in making an informed decision on which agent is right for you.

Here are our Stockdale & Leggo top 5 tips to choosing the right agent to sell your home:

Ask for referrals of friends who have been happy with agents who have sold their home. Delve into why they were happy and what the agent did for them which set them apart.

Identify agents in your area who can demonstrate a proven track record of success with comparable properties and have achieved similar results to what you are hoping to attain. Locality is important as it’s more likely these agents are familiar with your neighbourhood and can speak with authority when showing your property to buyers. It’s also likely local agents will have a database of potential buyers who have already demonstrated interest in buying in your area which may assist with a faster sale.

Go and see potential agents in action. Attend some of their open homes to see how they operate. Pose as an interested party and ask questions about the community, the neighbours and why the sellers are motivated to move on. Use this opportunity to get a feel for the agent’s style and if it’s a fit for you. At the inspection take note of the following elements:

  • The communication style of the agent and how they engaged with potential buyers. Is their communication style one that you can work with?
  • Take note of their behavior at the open house inspection. Did they stand at the door and welcome everyone? Did they proactively identify the features of the property for sale? Were they able to answer all your questions about the property?
  • Did they follow up with you after your attendance at the open house inspection to see if you wanted more information about the property? Is this something you want your agent to do?
  • Were they on time to the open home or were you left waiting out the front for 15 minutes?
  • What do you think of the marketing campaign in place for the properties the agent has listed? Is this the sort of marketing campaign you are seeking for your property?

Make a shortlist of your top 3 agents and formulate a robust interview process. Prepare questions in advance so you are following a consistent process with each to identify the right agent for you.

Organise an Interview
Invite your shortlisted agents in for an interview. Show them your property and take them through your recruitment process. Some potential questions to ask at the interview:

  • Can you please confirm you are licenced under state legislation to work in real estate?
  • How long have you worked in real estate for?
  • What selling price do you think I can achieve and why?
  • Can you provide referrals from past or current clients you have worked with?
  • How many properties have you recently sold in my area and do you have buyers who missed out who might be interested in my property?
  • How would you market my property and how much will it cost approximately?
  • Are you experienced in video marketing and have you used this form of marketing with success before?
  • How long do you think it will take to sell my property and why?
  • How long are you currently taking to sell properties?
  • What is your commission? Are you open to negotiation to secure my property?
  • Will I have to pay anything if my property doesn’t sell?
  • Are there any upfront costs?
  • What method would you recommend to sell my property and why?
  • How often will you keep me updated on progress?
  • Who else is a part of your team and how many people will I be liaising with through the process?

You may think of some other questions to add to this list but it’s a great start. Ultimately you need to be able to trust and feel comfortable with the agent you are working with so due diligence is key to gathering enough information for you to feel fully prepared to make your final decision.

If you’d like more information on the above, please contact us here at Stockdale & Leggo as we would be delighted to assist.