5 Quick Home Decorating Tips

Sometimes a change can be as good as a holiday when it comes to the home and some of the most simple ideas can often be the most effective. The following tips, with a little imagination, can add a touch of style to any decor.

  1. Channel your inner artist and get creative one weekend. Paint your own oversized canvas and hang it on your wall. Hell, paint 3 and call it a series! Think BIG and use colours which compliment your decor.
  2. Think swedish, take a trip to IKEA and procure some modular storage units which you can stack to make a stepped side table with surfaces for displays and lighting. Display stylishly mismatched candles, thought provoking literature or inventive knick knacks to create a contemporary addition to your home.
  3. If ‘a la naturale’ is your thing, utilise shells and other beach found effects to bring a certain warmth to a kitchen, an entryway, or stairwell by building a rustic, relaxed display.
  4. Repurposing furniture is a clever and cost effective way to add a little panache to your home. An old rickety seat or stool can be given a second life as a bedside table. If there’s a hole in the caning, place a tray on the chair to hold your bedside effects.
  5. Perk up a dull room with vibrant hits of a chosen colour. This can be achieved through a feature chair or a stylish throw rug. Use mismatched patterns of the same colour as pillows to add that extra flair.

If you’re preparing your property for sale, these are just the types of tips which can sometimes add thousands of dollars to the bottom line when it comes to hammer time so decide which strategies will work for your home and get amongst it!